flat lay photography of sliced apples, sausages, chips and brown sauce

Food | Drink | Entertaining

Food. Drink. Entertaining. I collect recipes that I’ll never make and patterns I’ll never have time to sew. It’s a compulsion. My hard drive is always getting full, as are my email inboxes and bookshelves. Want to follow along? My collection on Pinterest is always being updated. | Or check…

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Nani Iro

New Book: Nani Iro Sewing Studio

I have been an admirer of Nani Iro fabrics for years, so I was delighted to have a chance to look into this book. It includes style ideas, explanations of how to cut the fabric and sew the garments, and the pattern pieces themselves. You have to trace these out…

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My Life in Movies | JunglelandVintage.com

My Life in Movies

(Something completely silly I wrote a few years ago when snowed in and bored) Movie my brothers got taken to see while my mother was giving birth to me: Return of the Jedi First movie I can remember seeing in a theater (the library screening room, IIRC): The Fox and…

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Inspiration: Stephen Shore

  I probably shouldn’t admit that I first learned about Stephen Shore on Pinterest. I became kind of obsessed with the picture above. I feel like I’ve been in this motel room before, and yet I wish I could buy every object in this room. Stephen Shore (b. 1947) is…

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That time I was in a Haiku Club

Once upon a time, I was in a club which required its members to send a haiku by text message (SMS), one day per week. Each member had an assigned day (I think mine was Monday, then Wednesday). It was a great way to spark a little creativity into daily…

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What Blogs Should You Read about Art, Artists, Museums, Etc.? Jungleland Vintage has some ideas for you!

Blogs I Read about Art

Blogs I Read about Art Do you need to nourish your art-loving soul? Take a peek at my current Feedly “ART” category for some inspiration! Artwork of the Day from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Brain Pickings: (OK, maybe not strictly art, but art-adjacent, and well-illustrated.) British Museum blog Colossal…

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modern Jane Austen adaptations, ranked | Jungleland Vintage

Inspiration: Jane Austen Adaptations

It’s amazing how many creative minds have taken Jane Austen’s brilliant Regency-era novels and re-imagined them on film. Below is an ever-increasing list of period adaptations, modern reworkings, and films about Jane herself and “Janeite” culture, ranked by my own arbitrary criteria. Northanger Abbey The novel was written circa 1798-99,…

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