Material Monday: in which we look at new fabrics and sources

If you’re one of those brave souls willing to shop online for fabric, you’ve probably come across Fabric Mart. Not only do they have a nice selection of fabrics at very reasonable prices (and frequent sales), they have something awesome for those who like a gamble: bundles. It’s a surprise assortment of fabrics (fashion or craft), thread, or buttons. Last week, they had a one-day sale on bundles, so I decided to try an assortment of buttons, along with fabric. I got sidelined shopping for non-bundle fabric, so I ended up missing out on a 10-yard bundle, and instead got one with 6 yards of fashion fabric, along with a half-pound of buttons.

The button bundle is AMAZING! So much inspiration. Here is the whole picture:

The fabric bundle is not as awesome as the first bundle I got from them (which had amazing Barbie pink scuba knit), but better (for my taste) than the second. There is some funky flannel I can use to make my husband some pajama bottoms. The striped bottomweight will be a really cute skirt, I think. And the two-yard piece of cream crepe will be… something cool, someday.

Can’t wait for another bundle deal day to get some more surprises!

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