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In the Shop: Sewing Patterns

vintage sewing patterns
vintage sewing patterns

Original image CC Shimelle Laine

Vintage Sewing Pattern Roundup–Etsy Sale Edition

Growing up with a mom who sewed, I developed a love for patterns early in life. Sitting at that little table in the fabric store, flipping through the big books from Vogue and McCall’s, imagining the possibilities, I waited for the sales to scoop up my favorites. I loved cutting out each piece of a pattern, even if my project didn’t call for it.

Eventually, my mom’s health made her give up sewing, and I inherited the whole collection of patterns at her house. Later on, when I discovered that some thrift stores sold patterns, my stash grew larger. And then one day I discovered digital downloads…

Long story long, I have a LOT of patterns. It’s hard to let go of them, but I know realistically, I’ll never make them all. So I put a few at a time in our Etsy shop, all at very reasonable prices, if I do say so myself. Want to see?

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