One of the things I admire most about the “Greatest Generation” (besides their amazing fashion sense, of course) is their frugality, their “make-do-and-mend” approach to money and possessions. They knew that banks fail, economies go through major depressions, and it’s better to have a coffee can full of money buried in the yard in case of a rainy day or a dustbowl decade.

In that spirit, I thought from time to time I could share a few things that I’ve found to be a reliable source of a few coins for the Folgers can. There might be an affiliate links to some items, but as you know, I only recommend items I trust and believe in.

1. Paid Viewpoint

Format: Surveys. Pays in: Amazon, PayPal, eBay, others.

My lifetime earnings: $376.56. Average monthly: $8.

2. Rakuten (aka eBates)

Format: Shop through browser link. Pays in: PayPal.

My lifetime earnings: $499.61. Average quarterly: $18.

3. Respondent.io

Format: Focus groups, interviews. Pays in: PayPal.

My lifetime earnings: $380. Average project: $71.25

4. Qmee

Format: Search rewards through browser extension, surveys, shopping. Pays in: PayPal, gift cards, charity.

My lifetime earnings: $123.36. Average survey: $1.44.

5. Microsoft Rewards

The site has gone through a few name changes (Bing/Microsoft) but I’ve been clicking through searches and earning a $5 Amazon gift card every 20 days for oh, about 8 years now.

6. Pinecone Research

It’s hard to find a signup link for Pinecone, but once you’re in, you’ll get occasional survey invitations that always pay $3. They used to send checks in the mail, then it was PayPal, and now it’s kind of a sketchy bank transfer (or gift cards), but they do reliably pay out.




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